New Connections for a More Rewarding Edinburgh

The festival city of Edinburgh has some of the UK’s top visitor attractions. Loop Connections has been helping visitor attractions in the city to connect, share and reward.

Our community engagement approaches reward partners, customers and suppliers so that everyone helps everyone else. With a one stop shop for all of the best offers for travel and visitor attractions Loop Connections will either sell the best value ticket or help visitors find the best value.

Our flexible approach seeks to design the offers around the customer.Each time suppliers and users interact we look for ways to make the experience better. Through a constant cycle of improvement we try to help customers and providers to be smarter.

Purchases use smart tickets where possible to keep costs low and improve efficiency at the entrance to venues. This means that a customer buying a ticket for a destination like Edinburgh Castle can skip the queues which often see visitors waiting 30 minutes or more.

All of the latest offers and rewards are at the Loop Connect marketplace.


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