A Rewarding Party

Loop Connections manages a scheme to connect people with local opportunities in the Scottish town of Linlithgow. The LinlithgowPlus scheme helps providers of services to connect better with their customers including rewarding them for profitable, sustainable choices.

When a major music event Party at the Palace was held in the town a proportion of the revenue used from all tickets was used to fund projects for people less able to join the big party. The local community car scheme, young people’s groups and other events have all been beneficiaries of this investment.

Each purchaser can specify how they want their rewards used within the limits set by the seller. They do this by voting for their choices using the LinlithgowPlus app.

Party at the Palace set up their rewards scheme to benefit community groups, but other traders choose to reward customer loyalty allowing purchasers on LinlithgowPlus to collect points towards special offers.

Loop Connections is continuing to work with Party at the Palace to ensure that everyone’s experience of the event is improved. By being able to customise ticket sales and other rewards to fit customer preferences the Party is set to get bigger and better.

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