Connecting Communities

By offering connected convenience in any community Loop Connections help to build informed, efficient solutions step by step. This means using otherwise wasted resources and and helping to make efficient, resilient choices the simplest ones by offering personalised customised solutions.

Tackling waste involves: Partnership model

  • Helping everyone in society to be economically active such as our work to develop travel to work schemes
  • Helping transport operators to make better use of their assets such as retailing services in more targeted ways.
  • Making sustainable solutions simpler enabling bundled tickets for activities and combined travel.

Our apps connect people with businesses in any town helping them to communicate, share, trade, and reward more easily.

With our award winning approach we plug local towns into the world wide web. By starting local and building out to access online opportunities Loop Connections sellers and buyers get the best of both worlds. Buyers find local products first but other goods and services not available locally can still be delivered to a local shop.

Use our Free Technologies to Manage Shared Solutions

Successful partnerships are based on shared benefits. We encourage people to make free use of our technologies. The most popular way to do this is to list your offer or service on our commerce platform, agreeing with us who you want to be in your loop so that we can set up the value chain to ensure your approach is sustainable. The platform is used by businesses to manage staff travel, events to manage ticket sales, and retailers to manage customer relationships and rewards.

People choose our platform so that they can choose what to share and with whom. This is quite different from many other marketplaces where the business models and value chains are not built around the users but the company hosting the technologies.


Check out the:

  • Commerce platform where partners are delivering mutually rewarding offers.
  • SustainableĀ towns toolkit can be licensed to any town to plug local places into wider economies.
  • Schools app where children, parents and teachers can share information about the school journey and plan safe travel. Test a demo version of theĀ  app here.

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