Exhibits Come to Life at the Museum

Society is changing and more dynamic interactive travel solutions are needed. On a recent project Loop Connections integrated culture and leisure experiences with transport to offer a new integrated experience for Glasgow’s residents. The partnership project with Firstbus, Glasgow Life, and Strathclyde University integrated museum experiences with travel.

Online content from touchscreen museum displays were offered on mobile devices so that users who could answer questions about the displays could get bus travel offers using smart mobile public transport vouchers.
When travelling to the museums users could also experience augmented reality content with explanatory video displays on their mobile devices. Within the museums themselves, additional content about travel could be viewed on mobile devices by scanning special symbols on the physical displays.

Scanning symbols lets people engage with the journey. By successfully completing questions and making scans the technology enables incentives to be offered that rewards users with relevant incentives to secure more profitable, sustainable travel choices.

This approach to behaviour change can be applied for any type of travel or place. Each new situation requires the design and targeting of incentives sufficient to achieve the changes in behaviour being sought. This technology unlocks powerful new ways to encourage smarter more successful places.

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